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Company Overview

We are a small family own company established in 2009 in Croatia. We find comunication and friendly approach to every client extremely important and will always do our best to please our clients. We used to own an online e-store selling computers and parts and another store used for a printing company. Being real store owners, we collected a lot of experience and know store owners' needs very well. Our vision is to make e-commerce simple and available to any store owner who wants to do business and sell online.

Our vision is to make e-commerce simple and available to any store owner who wants to do business and sell online.

Team Members

Leonard B. - Team leader, Developer
Can't go to sleep if the job isn't finished. Always pushing it to the limits, always ready to start working, always looking to please his clients. Day or night, always on guard for new work with excitement and interest. If only his social skills were that good...

Ivana B. - Designer
The most beautiful, most inteligent, most creative woman you've ever met. Her creativity is toped only by her good looks. With an excellent sense of humor and her organizing skills, she's one of the most important assets to this team. Guess who's writing this text... :)

Gordan S. - Designer / Developer
Sometimes he makes us all wonder if he has a heart or a CPU, is there blood in his veins or optic fibers. Give him a keyboard with two keys, 0 and 1 and he'll be fine... But, we don't let him comunicate with people much - last time he gave our client a 40-minute lecture on synthax, functions, loops and protocols and they just wanted to open a few additional email accounts...

Our Expertise

We have specialized with Zen Cart. It's a very powerful free open source e-commerce script. Zen Cart is extremely flexible, has excellent capabilities and it's very easy to maintain.

When developing a site, we take extra care to make everything controlable from the admin. This means that you don't have to be a developer to change some settings. You don't have to edit code to get something changed.

Our work is always documented and you can always get the documentation if you need it.

Zen Cart was built with SEO in mind and we are always very careful to keep the code clean and SEO friendly.

Why Choose Us?

We are a small team and all work is done in house. We don't have sales representatives, tech support departments, dozens of developers or anything alike. We're not some large company building websites like a factory.

Why is this important and why is it better for you? Very simple. You'll always be in contact with only one person (Leonard, team leader and company owner) and there will never be any mixup. If you have any problems and need assistance, you will not experience something like being forwarded to another representative and so on, you will always have a single contact. You'll get the most personal service possible.

We DO NOT outsource our projects. Although the idea of passing a project to someone else and collecting money without really working is very tempting, we never do that. The reason is that we stand behind our work and know what's been done and how it was done. We can guarantee for it. And, most often, that is not the case with companies that outsource their work.

We are honest. If we think some of your ideas are not good or we can't deliver it, we'll simply say so. We don't lie about our experience nor our technical skills and will always be open about it. If there are any problems, you'll be the first to know. We won't hide anything from you. We will always do our best to help you and will work in your best interest even if it means more work for us.

Other work

We can also provide you with other website design work. We can build custom HTML / PHP / MySQL sites with custom design and/or unique scripts (custom programming).

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