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Zen Cart Services

We never charge you for the actual products since Zen Cart is free. We charge only for our intelectual services. All copyright is left intact and under GPL. After our work is done, you take ownership and all rights over the project. We preserve the right to list you in our portfolio.

Zen Cart Templates

If you want to stand out and make your Zen Cart site different or you want your customers to remember it, you'll need a unique design. A unique custom built Zen Cart template will help you get closer to your clients and make your site memorable. We can create your custom built Zen Cart template from scratch or we can convert any existing template into a Zen Cart template. As always, we will do it the Zen Cart way so you don't have any problems upgrading your site any time.
The cost of creating a custom built Zen Cart template is $150 - $400, depending on the complexity of the template and material provided.

Also, there's a variety of free Zen Cart templates available for free download. You can see most of it in action on this website http://www.zencarttemplates.info
We can install any of those templates to your store for only $30. This fee covers installation and basic changes to the template (logo change, sibebox arrangement, basic layout settings). If you want to customize the template, we can do it for a fee between $50 and $200, depending on the complexity of changes required.

There's also a variety of commercial Zen Cart templates available for purchase with prices ranging from $50 up to $300. If you want to use a commercial template, please consult us before purchasing because some templates are known to be problematic.
There are some fantastic responsive Zen Cart templates available on themeforest, take a look here. So far, our best experience was with ZenFlavor Zen Cart templates since their code is pretty clean and built according to Zen Cart specifications and requirements. There are also TemplateMonster or AlgoZone Zen Cart templates, but some of their templates are very hard to customize so we advise you to consult us before making your purchase.

Don't forget to check out our pre-built Zen Cart Adult Template...

Zen Cart Modules

Although Zen Cart is extremely powerful, it doesn't come with all the good stuff pre-installed. This is absolutely normal because each store has individual requirements so there is no need to have all available options pre-installed. Having too many Zen Cart modules installed, your site will have slower load time and will result in just the opposite of what you wanted - a simple, effective and user-friendly e-commerce site.

There's a variety of Zen Cart modules available in the market, some are free and some are commercial. We offer Zen Cart module installation service for all available Zen Cart modules. The price for our Zen Cart module installation services depend on the complexity of the module involved.

Here's a list of most common used modules for Zen Cart with our installation service fee listed. We could say that this is a list of must have modules for Zen Cart.

Module Name Module Description Installation Fee
Google Checkout Allow your customers to easily checkout using their Google Checkout account. $60
Moneybookers Payment Gateway Let your visitors checkout and pay using Monebookers. $40
AlertPay Payment Gateway Let your visitors checkout and pay using AlertPay (for adult oriented sites). $40
Direct Bank Transfer Payment Let your visitors checkout and pay using Direct Bank Transfer method (manual). $40
Fast and Easy Checkout Simplify the checkout process and increase your customer's user experience. Checkout process is minified to one page only with all relevant information editable. $60
Admin Master Password Login to your customer's account using a master password. Excellent for solving some clients' problems. $20
Super Orders Get better control over your orders, customize and print invoices, add relevant data... Absolutely improved order management system. $60
Google Sitemap Automatically create and submit an XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com in their preffered format. $40
Google Merchant Center Feed (Google Base) Creates a feed for your Google Merchant Center, aka Google Base Feeder. $40
Yahoo Exporter Exports your products to Yahoo's CPC marketing system. $20
RSS Feed Creates automated RSS Feeds for categories, specials, new products etc. $20
Stock by Attributes A must-have module for apparel stores.Gives you control over your products stock by options (for example: size 10=3 in stock, size 12=5 in stock etc.) $80
Cross Sell Also known as "We also recommend..." module. Allows you to upsell your products. $20
Easy Populate Bulk upload products to your Zen Cart store directly from an Excel file. $40
Image Handler Image Handler optimizes your images for better page load time, can add a watermark to your images and allows you to upload additional product images. $60
Grid Layout By default, Zen Cart will show your product lists in rows with one product per row. This module allows you to display products in a column layout (grid layout). You can define how many columns you want to show per row. $40
Wholesale Pricing Allows you to have wholesale accounts and a separate price for wholesalers. Can be combined with group pricing. $60
Newsletter Center By default, a visitor must create an account to be able to receive your newsletters. This option allows you to have visitors leave only their email address and receive your Zen Cart newsletters. $40
Facebook Like button Let your visitors Like your products and share it on Facebook. $20
Social (Share) buttons Let your visitors share and recommend your site to their friends using numerous social sites. $20
Payment Package Includes Google Checkout module, Moneybookers module, AlertPay module, Direct Bank Transfer module and Fast and Easy Checkout module for Zen Cart. $199
Feed Package Includes XML Sitemap module, Google Base Feed module (Google Merchant Center), Yahoo Exporter and RSS Feed module for Zen Cart. $90
Complete Zen Cart Module Package Includes ALL Zen Cart modules mentioned above $449

Zen Cart Payment Gateways

Zen Cart supports:
PayPal (PayPal IPN, PayPal Pro and PayPal Express), PayFlow,
Authorize.net (Authorize.net SIM, Authorize.net AIM and Authorize.net e-check),
FirstData / LinkPoint / YourPay, 2Checkout, MoneyBookers, GoogleCheckout, PostFinance, ProtX, Western Union and many many other gateways. Of course, money order, cash on delivery and any other manual payment option is available.


Zen Cart Custom Development

Zen Cart is extremely flexible.Many modules have been written for Zen Cart since it's developed by actual store owners who know what a high quality store needs. However, some stores feel the need to stand out and be unique and have it's own requirements. Being unique means that their feature hasn't been developed yet.

We can develop your custom Zen Cart module. Just give us a detailed description of what you need done and we'll build a custom module to fit you your needs.

We value all our clients. It doesn't matter what we did for you - we'll provide you with free support for as long as you are using our product. Free support does not include updates or upgrades nor support for features done by third person.

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